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“Because veganism has significant moral, ethical, and political components to it that makes it really important for folks to understand how veganism contributes to environmental racism.“

WTF? I’m not a vegan so would someone enlighten me on how veganism “contributes to environmental racism“. I mean that just seems so far out there.

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Haha, there was so much nonsense in each of her replies that I simply couldn't get to it all.

As with many of the new brands of racism people like B are discovering, "environmental racism" just refers to how pollution and modern agricultural methods affect poor communities. And given that black people are over represented in poor communities, she diagnoses it as racism instead of what it is, which is corporate greed and judicial irresponsibility.

But given that veganism *reduces* the impact of pollution and climate change on poor communities, it's fair to say that she has no idea what she's talking about. People like B often simply make claims about racism and hope that you're not smart enough to realise that they're nonsense.

If you're interested, you can read a little more here: https://foodispower.org/environmental-and-global/environmental-racism/

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Weeel, it's 3:30pm in Ohio, and I've been up for about 13.5 hours and I'm fading fast. I read this, and the "Anti-Racism Is Becoming..." Each twice. I MAY try for a brighter perspective in the future, but right now the solutions look to be so far down the road that I don't see but somewhere around a 50% chance that Western society will be around that long. From "Three-month-olds, but not newborns, prefer own-race faces:"

"The findings imply that adults' perceptions of ethnic differences are learned and derived from differences in exposure to own- versus other-race faces during early development."

I take this to be gospel, and the solution to a LARGE array of difficulties seems to be fully-paid 1-5 year-old, integrated, Pre-School, right? Why not?

But the pessimism comes from what I once gave thought to writing a book about: Trumpism on the Left. Which states the general principle that if You get enough people to "say" the same LIES, then gullible people, who generally will believe just about everything they "hear" anyway, will go along with this alternate reality.

As far as I know, this is what's been happening on the subject of racism.

I'm always willing to re-evaluate my views, based on new information. I spend most-a my time reading, to get a WIDE variety of angles. I think one-a the problems that has infested this discussion from the very beginning of the so-called "legal theory" of CRT is that "lived experience" is the soundest basis for knowledge of a subject. This was "theorized" by highly-educated Brown people. (I'll use "Black" people in a specific context.) I say they are "Brown" people because it's a FACT that in the coming decades, the MAJORITY of people, if we live that long, will be people with BOTH white and Brown cultures in the backgrounds of their parents and grandparents.

I guess there's no need to guess WHY "lived experience" became primary. But I'm pretty sure is was ENTIRELY intentional to have this effect: Only Brown people actually EXPERIENCED racism so, therefore, the only people who could voice an opinion on racism where Brown people. That had the IMMEDIATE beneficial aspect, for BROWN people only, that if You could get enough of a monolith together among Brown people, then ANY definition of racism they wanted to DREAM up would be taken as FACT.

Maybe it's just because I'm an old, white man. But I'm not seeing where anything that is so circumscribed so TIGHTLY can even be taken as a DISCUSSION. Thinking now, I guess that WAS the point. There WOULD not be any discussion. There would be a more-or-less SINGULAR view among Black Racists, and it would be no problem to Black Racists if some among them were Caucasian.

I, being somewhat of an iconoclast, would venture a different view:

When I look back to the 60s (and I'm STILL trying to get around to finishing MLKs book on the subject)... Well, one thing DPLs (Dangerous Progressive LOSERs) REFUSE to look at is that progress has been made. A LOT of progress in the area of race relations, which is just more convenient for DPLs to ignore.

But anyone with a minimum amount of study MIGHT contend that there really isn't such a thing as "institutional," "systemic," "structural" white supremacy racism that "permeates" society. In the 60s, there can be NO DOUBT there was. In the 20s? To me, a LOTTA doubt that it exists in that form today. In any where NEAR that form today. It just DOESN'T. That's LIE #1.

Instituitions, therefore, do not need to be torn down. Systems don't need to be dismantled. Especially not so Marxists can build society back from the ground up the way they'd like to. That's LIE #2.

I read today from someone I recently "met" by reading a couple GREAT posts. He says he's not convinced that integration will bring racial harmony. I hope he takes the time to reply, because I'd like to "hear" more on this.

But I'd have a REAL hard time believing that segregation WILL bring about racial harmony, and even if it did, would be workable, let alone beneficial to our countries.

Ah well... Me? I start the backups at 4, eat at 5, and in bed by 6. Dull life, I admit. Pleasure reading these days is HIDDEN FIGURES by Shetterly. How a group of Brown mathematicians overcame the disadvantages of white supremacy in the 40s and 50s, to help put a man into space in the 60s. THIS, instead-a that racist, garbage CRT "stuff," should be REQUIRED reading by all races in high school, as far as I know. If not that, at least I'M learning new stuff every day. 😁

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"The findings imply that adults' perceptions of ethnic differences are learned and derived from differences in exposure to own- versus other-race faces during early development."

There's truth to this, but I think the bigger issue is the associations that children make with different races. Kids aren't stupid. They notice that black people are represented differently to white people, just as they notice that men are represented differently to women and nerds are represented differently to jocks.

But noticing differences doesn't have to mean assigning positive and negative values to them. The majority of people aren't racist in any significant way. It's important to bear that in mind. In fact, many of the worst "anti-racism" of today seems entirely focused on *increasing* the amount of racial bias people carry which is why it's so counterproductive.

As for this:

"Only Brown people actually EXPERIENCED racism so, therefore, the only people who could voice an opinion on racism where Brown people"

Stay tuned. 😁 I talk about this in my upcoming article based on the subscriber suggestions. Should be coming on the next couple of days.

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I got less sleep last night than night before, Steve. Just wanna say how MUCH I appreciate You taking the time. You're right, I'd say, about what the bigger issue is. I still think a LOTTA that could be weeded out before Kindergarten, in integrated pre-school. Well, dunno about "lotta," come to think some more.

I didn't read carefully enough the first time. And now that I do, I wonder to what extent the "assigning positive and negative values to them" comes from school and how much from family/peer-life. Thinking on that some more, I dunno how much that matters. Tired.

When You say the majority of the people aren't racist? I'm trying to remember if You've said it in that Way in the 8 or 10 articles on Medium You have? Don't recall it, but You could have. The reason I'm harping on that point is that, as far as I know, You're the ONLY (and I mean first, last and ONLY) person I've heard make that point.

And I can't help but wonder why. I'm not WIDELY read, but reading fairly broadly I haven't come across that view. Or, at least, I don't THINK so. Not on Medium and even the SHADOW of that thought just WON'T appear anywhere close to social media or the MSM either one. Again, why? Are You fairly SURE most aren't racist? I never would-a GUESSED it. Not in a million light-years. So the last question is, have YOU ever heard such an idea was out their. I'm tired, but I just can't get OVER how RADICAL that thought would be.

ALL that to say... I can't TELL You how much I'm looking forward to Your next article, Steve. Here? Or on Medium? No matter to ME, as I check both daily anyway. Jes wonderin'. :) = 😊

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As You can tell, I never actually read what I write before I post it. Bad habit. "in that Way in the 8 or 10 articles on Medium that *I read periodically*?"

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Brown WOMEN mathematicians, at THAT!

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Quick fly-by just to say GREAT, per usual, Steve. MAY have time to read again. :)

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