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Jerry Seinfeld has a bit that perfectly captures the difference between written and verbal communication:

Email, text, we love it. Because when we communicate to another person, we want them to know; I could have called you and I chose not to. I decided, I only want to hear my half of the conversation.

One of the many factors that have stunted our discourse is that we treat serious issues this way. Race, politics, culture, global pandemics, almost everything that matters to us comes in the form of articles that proclaim “this is what I think,” with very little room for “is this true?” or “what do you think?” 

The Commentary is an attempt to do something different. As well as sharing the best (and worst) conversations my articles inspire, this is a place to have new ones. It's a place to engage with like (and un-like) minded people on complex topics. It’s a place to catch a glimpse of how people you might not agree with see the world.

Welcome to the other half of the conversation.

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